About me

I am the head of machine learning and data science at Qlearsite people analytics. Together we are bringing the next level of analytics to HR and people data including machine reading, predictive modelling and experiment design. We will help organisations get more value out of e.g. survey data through intelligent text processing techniques, identify patterns of behaviour that are predictive of future long term absence and design experiments that allow people to quickly understand how to e.g. increase engagement and well-being of their employees.

Before Qlearsite I was a PhD and PostDoc at the Machine Learning Group, University of Cambridge working with Zoubin Ghahramani. My research ultimately focused on the automation of statistical model construction and the rational allocation of computational resources when constructing a predictive model. A new version of this automation should appear in Qlearsite soon.

Before my PhD I was a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group and before that I received a B.A. in mathematics and M.Phil in Statistics from the University of Cambridge.

Research and news

I'm hiring!

At Qlearsite, we build software to help organisations get the best from their people. Our software takes an organisation’s employee and business data and enhances it by collecting more and better data. All of that information is then automatically cleaned, organised and analysed to reveal hidden powerful truths and help organisations make better and informed decisions. We call this ‘Organisational Science’.

We're currently looking to hire someone with python, java and web development experience to accelerate our rapid prototyping work. If you're interested please check out the more detailed job description or get in touch.

Beyond The Fence, a new musical

Alex Davies, myself and many others recently collaborated in the creation of the first show in the world conceived and substantially crafted by computer. Check out part of my hand in the Guardian article!

Three new publications

Model criticism using kernel two sample tests (NIPS), many-to-many entity matching (PAMI) and my PhD thesis.

A neural algorithm of artistic style

An exploration of an algorithm that can merge the style of one image with the content of another (kinda).

Going places in the DeepDream

A video exploring the features learnt by a deep net.